What we do

BICP offers a wide range of proven EPM Planning and Consolidation solutions for our customers. Whether your organization is enhancing legacy SAP solutions, implementing new tools or integrating components of your EPM platform with SAP or SAP HANA, BICP has the track record and experience required to you help you successfully automate and streamline your planning, budgeting, forecasting and consolidation activities.  BICP has a proven track record in the following service areas:

  • EPM Strategy, Design, Development , Program Management and Implementation services
  • Business Planning & Consolidation functional on-ground support
  • EPM Report Development
  • EPM Strategy alignment with other Finance analytical initiatives 

This visualization was constructed via the EPM add-in for MS Office using fictional data on top of HANA. The EPM add-in enables users to retrieve & analyze results, as well as write data back to the source system

This image is of the SAP BPC console, where the majority of administrative tasks can be performed