Since the introduction of R/3 reporting, SAP BW, and SAP BusinessObjects, many Enterprise SAP Reporting and Business Intelligence organizations have grown into high performing internal deployment and support teams. At the same time, pressure remains on operational costs, creating the need for a flexible resource bandwidth to accommodate their variable business BI demands. Through our extensive industry experience and unparalleled track record of success we are able to provide “best in class” SAP BI and Reporting Solutions to your organization.  We focus specifically in the following SAP BI Tool portfolio areas:

  • SAP HANA – S4 Analytics, Native HANA, Predictive, Lumira, BW+HANA, BOBJ+HANA
  • SAP Business Objects - BOBJ Platform, Dashboard Designer (Xcelsius), Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports, Design Studio, Advanced Analysis
  • SAP Business Warehouse - BW Platform, BEx and Web Application Designer
  • EPM - BPC, Integrated Planning/BPS, BCS/ECCS
  • SAP Data Services – Full Suite

What we do

Whether your organization is looking at automating Information Consumption, integrating BI and Reporting into Global Shared Service models, enabling Self Service capabilities, expanding BI and Reporting to new information consumers, or Integrating and modernizing your SAP BI platform for enhanced performance and longevity, BICP has world class SAP BI Solutions in the following service areas:

  • SAP BI Strategy and Assessments
  • Full Life SAP BI Implementations and Data Integration Services
  • SAP BI Enhancements and Platform Upgrades
  • SAP BI Staff Augmentation and Support

In the past few years Enterprise SAP Customers have experience a revolution in database technology.  With the release of SAP HANA and other In-Memory databases, information can now be processed at speeds that were unheard of previously.  This has created huge opportunities for SAP customers to leverage these database platforms to simplify existing complexities and accelerate the development and deployment of Analytics, BI, and Reporting in their organizations.  At BICP, we have not only been at the forefront of helping SAP customers technically migrate to HANA, but have been at the cutting edge of developing extensive SAP HANA best practices and BI Analytical solutions that help SAP customers simplify and optimize their existing SAP BI and Reporting solutions on HANA, while seamlessly creating new but pragmatic rapid deployment solutions in the following portfolio areas:

  • SAP BI Suite on HANA - BW and Business Objects
  • Native HANA - BI, Reporting, and Analytics
  • SAP HANA and S4 - Analytics, Predictive Modeling (R)and Data Visualization (Lumira)
  • S4 HANA UX - Fiori
  • RDBMS platforms  - Sybase, Microsoft SQL, and Oracle

What we do

Whether your organization is trying to build a “Real-Time” enterprise from the ground up, provide an in-memory platform for Analytical Services and Applications, simplify Data Integration, or leverage the power of SAP HANA married with your existing SAP BI stack, BICP has extensive experience in the following service areas:

  • SAP HANA BI+Analytcis Strategy, Development, and Implementation services
  • SAP HANA Database Migrations and Security
  • Data Integration with Hadoop and other non-SAP platforms
  • SAP HANA, S4, and RDBMS Staff Augmentation and Support

For many years, Enterprise SAP and IT customers were focused primarily on leveraging their structured ERP data to understand their businesses.  As these organizations have matured and new, cutting edge Data Science and Visualization technologies have manifested themselves.  Companies are now looking at how they can “Discover the Unknown” by marrying both their structured and unstructured data with statistical programming and advanced data visualization techniques to discover correlations, relationships, and make predictions in ways that were impossible to dream before.  At BICP, we have been at the forefront of not only helping customers discover, blend, analyze, and visualize what is hidden in their vast amounts of data, but have extensive experience helping organizations build the capabilities and structure to make this successful.  We have extensive experience in the following portfolio areas:

  • Programming languages– R, SAS
  • Visualization Tools – Tableau, Qlikview, Lumira
  • Rapid Data blending – Alteryx, SQL, Excel

What we do

Whether your organization is looking provide business insights to discover and enable “Visual” decision making, easily preparing cross-platform data sources for statistical and data analysis, building algorithms to unearth interdependencies and affiliations, or building rapid, high-value analytical prototypes and applications, BICP has extensive experience successfully supported large, enterprise customers in the following service areas:

  • Organizational Development
  • Data Blending, Preparation, and Analysis
  • Data Visualization Strategy, Prototyping, and Development
  • Statistical Modeling and Programming

For many years Enterprise IT customers struggled with how they can process and treat their large, complex data investments to form a competitive market share and enable limitless data provisioning and Analytics in their organizations.  Over the last few years, Big Data platforms and Analytical tools have matured and made this a reality.  BICP has successfully helped some of the largest CPG, Retail, and Pharmaceutical organizations globally leverage their data investments to gain a competitive advantage, enable better decision making, and create increased efficiency.  We have done this by tapping our world class delivery model and executing in the following portfolio areas:

  • API’s – R, SQL, Java, Python
  • Data Processing - Spark
  • Next Generation Databases – Cassandra, NoSQL, MongoDB
  • Infrastructure as a Service Platforms  – Hadoop, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure

What we do

Whether your organization is building Analytics & Big Data Platforms for the flexible analysis of Business, Industry, and Market events, providing Fit-For-Purpose Data Analysis Tools for high-value information consumers, or looking to enable Omni-Information Channel analysis; information creation and consumption across devises including mobility platforms, BICP provides

  • Storing “traditional” Internal and External Data for Analytics
  • Provisioning of consumer, social, market,  and machine data
  • Deploying Infrastructure as a Service platforms
  • Implementation of IoT solutions

Over the years the strength of increasing profitability through informed decision making has left organizations seeking cutting-edge EPM enhancements and divestiture from archaic solutions. With our core ties to SAP, the BICP has positioned ourselves in the vanguard of SAP BPC implementations, transformations and support of all levels of complexity. We couple our extensive technical BPC skillset with our deep functional knowledge, SAP BW & HANA expertise, to partner with our customers to ascertain and deliver the best-fit solution. We help customers enter the new era of Enterprise Performance Management by providing solutions in the following portfolio areas:

  • SAP BPC – NetWeaver & Microsoft
  • Hyperion

What we do:

BICP offers a wide range of proven EPM Planning and Consolidation solutions for our customers. Whether your organization is enhancing legacy SAP solutions, implementing new tools or integrating components of your EPM platform with SAP or SAP HANA, BICP has the track record and experience required to you help you successfully automate and streamline your planning, budgeting, forecasting and consolidation activities.  BICP has a proven track record in the following service areas:

  • EPM Strategy, Design, Development , Program Management and Implementation services
  • Business Planning & Consolidation functional on-ground support
  • EPM Report Development
  • EPM Strategy alignment with other Finance analytical initiatives