What we do

Whether your organization is trying to build a “Real-Time” enterprise from the ground up, provide an in-memory platform for Analytical Services and Applications, simplify Data Integration, or leverage the power of SAP HANA married with your existing SAP BI stack, BICP has extensive experience in the following service areas:

  • SAP HANA BI+Analytcis Strategy, Development, and Implementation services
  • SAP HANA Database Migrations and Security
  • Data Integration with Hadoop and other non-SAP platforms
  • SAP HANA, S4, and RDBMS Staff Augmentation and Support

This SAP Lumira application shows how you can customize visuals and display data in a wide range of charts with multiple dimensions. These applications are using fictional pharmaceutical data to show some of the visual options Lumira can offer. 

SAP Lumira can be used as both a data discovery tool where users can slice and dice their data to discover patterns, and as a dashboard tool which gives key KPIs and comparisons across dimensions.