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BICP 2015: The Year In Review

2015 was an exciting year at BICP. The SAP market has been shifting towards making Business Intelligence profitable by aggressively using the SAP Hana platform both in the Cloud and on Premise. We helped some large global brands to lay the foundation for Advanced Analytics by complementing global ERP rollouts with Business Intelligence by using BW on Hana, BusinessObjects and new visualization tools such as Tableau. We worked with our customers to deploy production strength Reporting and Business Intelligence solutions that will allow our customers to run their operations effectively and releasing resources towards building roadmaps for Advanced Analytics.

Our customers leveraged our flexible business model to ramp-up project teams fast and change resource mixes to address new emerging demands. We have seen that demand for pre-build dashboard decreased but demand for self-service enablement and power-user-built dashboards leveraging Tableau exploded. We are excited to announce that 2015 was a successful and transformative year for us and the industry in that our customers appreciated us as a leading SAP BI and Analytics company for the years ahead.

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