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As part of our 'New & Emerging  Technology' series we'll be highlighting Snowflake, a new SQL-based Data Warehouse designed specifically for the cloud. The hype is real and one of our clients will tell you why.



Webinar Archive

Visual Analytics: Soup to Nuts

By Sam Henoch, Senior Manager

Leveraging the power of Tableau, beginning to end, to ensure fast, efficient, and powerful insights from your data. This webinar will cover topics from wrangling your data into hosted sources, data reshaping, front and back end calculations and when to use them, advanced visualizations and more.

Tableau Dashboards: Data visualized for quick and easy decision making.

By Roshan Bhakta, Analytics Expert

Companies perform data analysis everyday yet, rarely are key decision makers able to see and understand the data in real time. Tableau software allows users a quick and easy way to visualize large sets of all types of data. This webinar highlights the true genius of Tableau and what it can mean for your business.

Analytical Mobile Reporting: Overview & Best Practices

By Adam Horn, BI Reporting SME

Tailored for organizations who are interested in achieving "next level reporting" and for those who have struggled getting mobile reports off the ground - This webinar will dive into the inner workings of SAP's mobile reporting package & cover implementation tips & tricks stemmed from first hand industry experience.

Self-Service Data Insight & Analytics in Lumira

By Rich Chlebek, VP of Analytics

SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 Installation Best Practices

By Rich Chlebek, VP of Analytics

What's New in BI 4.1

By Rich Chlebek, VP of Analytics

An Overview of BW Powered by HANA

By Al Weedman, BI Director

Introduction to Design Studio with Demo

By Rich Chlebek, VP of Analytics

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