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Big Data and Advanced Analytics are Powering CNNs Magic Wall

Big Data is everywhere. I am fascinated about the speed at which election estimates, predictions and results are displayed on TV with Analytical Applications such as CNN’s Magic Wall. It indeed is Magic; cool tool and a lot of Manpower. Statisticians, Interviewers, Visualization experts and so on. To make this Magic Wall work it requires an extraordinary manual effort that can only be sustained every 2 or 4 years. Unless your name is Google, Amazon and the like how can you sustain such an environment on “Main Street”? Yes, some “Main Street” companies collect data in their marketing departments but it does not really amount to Big Data and Advanced Analytics. It is at best a very manual effort that creates dashboards and fancy reports. In order to be successful with Big Data and Advanced Analytics it is necessary to think about organizational structures and mechanisms across Business and IT Boundaries. We might want to give a fresh look at the old Gartner Business Intelligence Competency Center. We may find that this concept finally can “take off” in the real world as Business and IT is fusing in the Big Data and Advanced Analytics arena as income generating Analytical Applications can be deployed almost instantaneously.

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